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Dealing With Business Reviews Online And Your Reputation

It's important to keep an eye on your business reputation these days, as many business are struggling to keep afloat, the last thing you need is bad press. I've thrown together some info on this here, including some tips that you can apply everyday for great results over time. Check out this video first, it covers 10 online reputation management tips including:

  1. Own the first page Google results
  2. Be Social: Claim your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn
  3. Blog: Own domains with your company and personal name
  4. Press Releases: Use PRWeb and PRNewsire for best results
  5. Encourage Reviews: Be proactive and ask for reviews on Yelp, Google and City Search
  6. Don't Argue: If you must respond to online complaints be respectful and only respond once
  7. YouTube: Have a YouTube channel, videos consistently rank high in Google, title your video with company or personal name
  8. Press: Look for opportunities to be interviewed for articles, ask for link back to your site
  9. Mobile: Be sure your website displays well on mobile devices
  10. Be Active: Participate in online forums, put up slideshows on SlideShareWhen you are creating a response to a negative review online, try your best not to mention the name of your company. The more that it is listed on the page, the more likely this will show up higher in search engine results, which is a huge blow to the reputation of your business.

Those are quite optimistic goals for someone just starting out, so below I've given a few recommendations that may serve you well to get started.

Keep track of all the websites where people talk about your business. Be familiar with the venues people use to post commentary. Respond to criticism quickly and link to the more positive comments.

Maintain good communication with your customers to develop a good reputation. Customers do not like to be in the dark about things. When you keep them updated and informed, they will appreciate this good service from you. Their trust in your company will grow and your reputation will improve along with it.

While it is tempting to create profiles and pages on every social networking site available, don't do it if you don't have the time and resources to keep all those pages current. You'll look incompetent, lazy and possibly damage your reputation if a potential customer discovers your poorly managed, out-of-date content.

Get familiar with the review sites that are on the web. More and more people are writing reviews about their experiences with a product or service. You never know if a review was written about your company. Do not ignore reviews, but learn from them. This is a good way to improve your business.

Learn which review sites are popular, and look for your company on those sites first. These are the sites that get the most traffic. What is written in them is often fed to other search engines. So, you want to be sure that any negative reviews or comments on your company be addressed appropriately.

When handling online disputes, be sure to stay calm and avoid sarcasm. Just stick to the facts at hand. If there is some part of the problem that is actually your fault, you should apologize for your part in the problem. Suggest resolving the difficulty off-line through a phone call or e mails. This will help bolster your online reputation and allow you to work more intensively on the problem at hand.

Whether or not you are able to resolve an issue or conflict online, once a situation is over you should release it. Rather than mulling over problems, simply analyze them, learn from them and move on. This will help you build a strong online reputation as a person who is able to interact easily while staying focused on your goals.

Always respond to client input on social media channels. A quick way to lost the faith of your customers is to ignore their questions and suggestions. This gives you a reputation of not caring or of being evasive in order to hide something. Even if it's just a quick one-sentence response, keep it positive, useful and timely.

You are probably now aware of the fact that reputation management is something you can get into with the right information. It just takes you having the drive to do well with it, and the right kinds of facts at your disposal. You will do well if you just stay patient and try hard at it.